Meet Aubrey + Phillip


We are a husband and wife team of photographers based out of San Diego, California. Our personalities are a mix of artists and adventurers who found true love behind the camera. Through our work we are vivid story-tellers, capturing moments in a photojournalistic and emotional way and bringing to life the special memories and details of a wedding day. One of our greatest priorities is getting to know each couple we work with, in order to anticipate and truly capture their unique character and personality. We aim to capture the energy and spirit of love in our photographs and connect others to it. We have studied and practiced the use of light in photography, and that combined with our careful editing process produces what we believe is timeless portraiture for couples to enjoy their whole lives.

What others have to say:
For our wedding, photography was a top priority, as it is with most couples. The images you want to remember, to pass down, to share are once in a lifetime and happen so quickly, it became strikingly clear to us it would be essential to have a photographer we could trust. Now, reader, trust me: Yes, Dear Studio will exceed all expectations you have for photography. They will capture moments you will treasure. They will put you at ease, listen to you, and inspire confidence. Our experience with Aubrey and Phillip was outstanding and I could go on and on about their creativity, kindness, and generosity, but once you book them, you’ll see it all for yourself.
Here is what they are really, really good at: candid, truthful moments; non-traditional “poses,” seeing the big picture but also a laser focus on details, using the environment around their subjects, being patient, encouraging, organized, and thorough, working together (they are a wife-husband team!), and maintaining a sense of fun, creativity, and romance.
From engagement photos, to boudoir, to the wedding, we felt so lucky to be clients of Yes, Dear. The connection they fostered was that of friendship, and we felt they sincerely cared about each session. It’s obvious this is genuine, since they also give back to the community and go above and beyond in their generosity.
They are remarkable artists and have the biggest hearts. Do not miss an opportunity to work with Yes, Dear. Studio!

-Brittaney Talbot

Photos by Lauren Scotti