San Diego Photographer || Hanna & André

San Diego Photographer-18

Hanna and André are incredibly talented and creative friends from Norway and we had the pleasure of hosting them for a week and showing them all the San Diego sights! Being tour guides, we though we would end our week with an In-n-Out Burger picnic at the beautiful Sunset Cliffs followed by a much needed photo session. We are so thankful for our time with them and look forward to the day we can visit them in Norway. Ha det!

San Diego Photographer-4 San Diego Photographer-7 San Diego Photographer-9 San Diego Photographer-6 San Diego Photographer-5 San Diego Photographer-8 San Diego Photographer-10 San Diego Photographer-11 San Diego Photographer-12 San Diego Photographer-14 San Diego Photographer-15 San Diego Photographer-13 San Diego Photographer-16 San Diego Photographer-17 San Diego Photographer-21 San Diego Photographer-22 San Diego Photographer-19

San Diego Photographer-23

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