California Photographers || Forest & Desert Beloved Session

California Wedding Photographers-19
Some things you just do for fun, because you love one another, and because you love all things beautiful. This amazing couple was up for traveling far and wide to utilize some epic locations. We’ve always got locations on our “wish list” just waiting for an adventurous couple to say yes! East of San Diego we explored forests and rocky mountain tops to catch stunning sundown lighting and supreme backdrops. Although our winter here is almost non existent, we get to capture our seasons in a different light that is just as special. Thanks Nate and Christine for giving us creative freedom, we cannot wait for the next excuse to travel and shoot with you. Happy Holidays!

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California Wedding Photographers-19
California Wedding Photographers-23California Wedding Photographers-50California Wedding Photographers-22California Wedding Photographers-24California Wedding Photographers-20California Wedding Photographers-51California Wedding Photographers-26California Wedding Photographers-27

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