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541 Eatery & Exchange || Hamilton, Ontario

We at Yes, Dear. Studio had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Haley & Alistair in Hamilton, Ontario this summer. Just as we had hoped, our bride and groom showed us to their favorite place in town to grab a bite. What we didn’t expect was the incredible story and motivation behind that place. As you can grasp from the sign below, this eatery gives. But there is far more to the story, and we implore you to check it out. 541 sacrifices time and income to create a space for anyone and everyone to find find comfort in the cold, to find warm food help to preserver by creating a welcome environment that offers help if you are in need. Customers are able to purchase 1 button for every $1 that goes into a jar on the counter that is then available for an individual in need. This organization is fresh, young, and I am sure they are still learning, but they are truly doing something right through their hard work and sacrifice. As incredible as the town of Hamilton is, I found this haven to be the most unforgettable. Please visit: 541 Eatery & Exchange

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