Big Sur is for lovers

Big Sur Photography-19

Just a glimpse into our incredible week at Big Sur.

Special thank you to The Poe family and their incredible elopement we were blessed to capture that allowed us to take this magical trip and a shout out to The Cool Bus via Airbnb for the wonderful stay and experience!

Big Sur Photographer-6Big Sur Photography-6Big Sur Photography-4 Big Sur Photography-3 Big Sur Photography-7 Big Sur Photography-5 Big Sur Photography-9 Big Sur Photographer-3-2Big Sur Photographer-1-2Big Sur Photographer-2-2Big Sur Photography-11 Big Sur Photography-13 Big Sur Photographer-8Big Sur Photography-14Big Sur Photography-12 Big Sur Photography-16 Big Sur Photography-17 Big Sur Photography-15 Big Sur Photography-19 Big Sur Photography-18
Big Sur Photography-20

Big Sur Photography-22

Big Sur Photography-25

Big Sur Photography-27
Big Sur Photography-23 Big Sur Photography-26
Big Sur Photographer-1

Big Sur Photographer-3

Big Sur Photographer-4

Big Sur Photographer-2

Big Sur Photographer-5
In home Engagement-1 Big Sur Photography-29


One thought on “Big Sur is for lovers

  1. How fun!!! I’ve never heard of the cool bus. Looks neat though :)
    I love the way you two make the best of your adventures!!

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