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San Diego Sunrise Engagement Photography || Libby & Nick

Torrey Pines Engagement-44

San Diego light can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to the ever present sun and its beautiful blue sky. At this sunrise session we got to work with some incredible light and were able to capture two wonderful people with depth and richness of our surroundings that we love so much.  This beautiful couple was excited to rise and shine early and we enjoyed the stunning coastline together. Libby & Nick requested we finish the session back at their home for some family portraits with their handsome puppy giving us a fun and diverse session. Best wishes to Libby and Nick on their spring wedding in Michigan!

Torrey Pines Engagement-49 Torrey Pines Engagement-30Torrey Pines Engagement-6Torrey Pines Engagement-1
Torrey Pines Engagement-39
Torrey Pines Engagement-33Torrey Pines Engagement-7 Torrey Pines Engagement-5 Torrey Pines Engagement-51Torrey Pines Engagement-52 Torrey Pines Engagement-50Torrey Pines Engagement-11
Torrey Pines Engagement-17Torrey Pines Engagement-10
Torrey Pines Engagement-15  Torrey Pines Engagement-18Torrey Pines Engagement-16Torrey Pines Engagement-37 Torrey Pines Engagement-40  Torrey Pines Engagement-36 Torrey Pines Engagement-3 Torrey Pines Engagement-41   Torrey Pines Engagement-9 Torrey Pines Engagement-45 Torrey Pines Engagement-43Torrey Pines Engagement-19 Torrey Pines Engagement-23 Torrey Pines Engagement-24     Torrey Pines Engagement-27 Torrey Pines Engagement-25 Torrey Pines Engagement-28 Torrey Pines Engagement-55 Torrey Pines Engagement-56In home Engagement-1

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