Erin + Dan || Modern Engagement


We had so much fun taking Erin & Dan’s engagement photos at the You Are Here building in our neighborhood of Golden Hill.  She’s a veterinarian and he’s an architect so naturally their engagement photos had to include a beautiful modern building and some really cute animals! I also have to mention that one of their pets is a  three legged cat so we knew from the beginning that they were pretty cool! We can’t wait for their Palm Springs wedding this summer! Congratulations Erin and Dan!


Modern_Engagement-1 Modern_Engagement-2 Modern_Engagement-28 Modern_Engagement-29 Modern_Engagement-3 Modern_Engagement-4 Modern_Engagement-30 Modern_Engagement-9 Modern_Engagement-6 Modern_Engagement-7 Modern_Engagement-8 Modern_Engagement-5 Modern_Engagement-10Split Modern_Engagement-17 Modern_Engagement-13 Modern_Engagement-14 Modern_Engagement-15 Modern_Engagement-38
Modern_Engagement-18 Modern_Engagement-19 Modern_Engagement-41 Modern_Engagement-45 Modern_Engagement-44 Modern_Engagement-43 Modern_Engagement-23 Modern_Engagement-22 Modern_Engagement-21 Modern_Engagement-24 Modern_Engagement-20



Modern_Engagement-31 Modern_Engagement-25 Modern_Engagement-27 Modern_Engagement-26 Modern_Engagement-16

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