The Wilsons || Maternity Session


When our friends Tausha and Trev came to town we had the opportunity to shoot a maternity session with them in our new home! They were some of our first friends in San Diego and it was so much fun to shoot our first maternity session with them. They are such a bright and beautiful family that has brought us so much joy, we couldn’t be more thrilled to get to finally work with them.

maternity-1435 san_diego_maternity2 maternity-1439 maternity-1492 maternity-1448 maternity-1483 san_diego_maternity_photographers maternity-1507 maternity-1536 maternity-1538 maternity-1566 san_diego_maternity3 maternity-1576 maternity-1409 maternity-1589 maternity-1593 maternity-1641 san_diego_maternity1 maternity-1677 maternity-1699 san_diego_maternity_photographer   

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